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This site has image gallery of my photography from my numereous travel destinations. All Photos and Pictures of my travel destinations are here

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Picnics and Treks in Mumbai Pune
Picnics and Treks
Near Mumbai, Pune

Train Pictures between Mumbai and Pune. Indian Railways
Train Pictures between Mumbai and Pune

Palolem, Goa
Goa Pictures

Kaas Valley of Flowers, Satara
Kaas Valley of Flowers, Satara

Kashmir Pictures

Dubai Picture: Burj Al Arab
Dubai Pictures

Singapore at Night
Singapore Pictures

Birds at Sewri Bay, Mumbai: Pictures & Photos

Mumbai is never short when it comes to surprises. Another nice surprise is the arrival of beautiful flamingos in this highly polluted and crowded metropolis. The huge expanse of colourless mud flats in sewri glow with the arrival of countless pink lesser flamingos. For 6 months this area gets a look of an exotic bird sanctuary. They are coming to mumbai since 90s and stay on these mudflats from October to March. Mumbai Port Trust are taking intiatives to maintain the ecosystem for these guests.

Currently these flamingos are in news as plans for the construction of sewri-Navi Mumbai bridge are taking shape. Environmentalists are voicing their concerns as they see a total destruction of this habitat.

Sewri jetty is 15 mins walk from the harbour railway station of sewri. Best time to watch them is between high tide and low tide. A good pair of binoculars, a cap and patience are the only things required to make this visit a memorable experience.

I got a chance to meet up with Abhijit Avalaskar who maintains a very informative site for trekkers in the deccan region. His trekking group volunteers in cleaning and restoration of the forts in the deccan region. He is also an active member of an amateur astronomy club.

Sewri Mud Flats
Sewri Mud Flats



Flamingo Flock
Flamingo Flock
Flamingo Flock
Flamingo Flock


Little Egret
Little Egret
Little Egret
Little Egret




Sea Gull
Sea Gull
Gull Flock
Gull Flock
Gull Flock
Gull Flock
Gull Flock
Gull Flock
Searching for Rose ?
Searching for Rose ?


Little Stint
Little Stint
The 900-feet TATA chimney
The 900-feet TATA chimney
The Birders
The Birders

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